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110: SST, AWS, and Ember with Dax Raad

Dax Raad, Founder of Bumi and Ironbay and SST Core Maintainer, is a passionate open-source developer who knows his way around the startup tech space with over a decade of experience under his belt. He is intimately involved in the Serverless Stack Toolkit (SST...

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108: Vite, Debugging, and PNPM with Ed Faulkner

The landscape of tech is always changing and adaptability is key. Ed Faulkner, Ember Core Team Member and Founder at Polynomial LLC shares his insights into the dynamic world of software engineering. Ed kicks things off by shedding light on the importance of ...

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105: Hot Takes, React, and WebAssembly with Jack Herrington

By now we know that an engineer with skin in the game is a senior engineer. Experience teaches wisdom and Jack Herrington, Principal Full Stack Engineer, has plenty of it. Jack dissects the various programming languages from old school to new school, sharing ...

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102: TypeScript, React, and API Issues with Matt Pocock

Matt Pocock, a TypeScript educator and author of Total TypeScript, became an evangelist for the programing language after searching for a solution for a project plagued by API contract issues. When TypeScript brought newfound confidence and increased velocity ...

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Bonus: Frontend Feud: CSS Pod vs Whiskey Web and Whatnot

Una & Adam from The CSS Podcast defend their Frontend Feud title against challengers Chuck & Robbie from Whiskey Web and Whatnot. Let’s get it on! For more info, see: https://changelog.com/jsparty/285 --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotif...

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99: OpenSauced, Developer Advocacy, and AI with Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas, Founder and CEO at OpenSauced, learned to code while pursuing his MBA and stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies by tuning into podcasts and blogs. Brian’s passion eventually caught the attention of Netlify, where he joined a...

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97: Hot Takes, Remix, and Next.js with Chance Strickland

Chuck and Robbie catch up with Chance Strickland, Senior Software Engineer at Replo, at the RenderATL conference. Chance kicks off the conversation by sharing that he is now working at a small startup after leaving the Remix core team. The trio discuss the be...

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